Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Laocoon and Mannerism.

To everyone who made it Monday to the first class of Life Drawing, awesome job!
I am going to be posting a few images and some links relating to some of the subjects we discussed in the previous class. I am also going to post a link to a nice gesture drawing tutorial on youtube for you all to check out.

I hope all of you take some time to check out this blog and as always feel free to interact!

The Helenistic sculpture Laocoon and his Sons also known as The Laocoon.
An excellent example of energy, dynamism and emotion in the human figure.
Just look at those feet! The articulation of the toes! 
Look at the great compression of the torso and notice the diverse inclinations of the figure.

To learn more about this sculpture follow this link

Madonna With the Long Neck by the Mannerist painter Parmigianino.
An example of an artist distorting human proportions to fit a certain aesthetic.
Mannerism was a noteworthy movement of the late Italian High Renaissance in its reaction to the harmonious and restrained naturalism of many of the Renaissance painters.

Here is a nice link for a good gesture drawing tutorial. This artist is a little more deliberate than I wanted you to be when we did gestures on Monday but look at his great use of basic shapes in capturing the figure. Also notice his use of inclinations to describe the axises of the figure.

That's all for now! See you all on Wednesday!


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